Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Incompatible .Net Framework Version in IIS

Having a ASP.NET project written in VS .Net 2003. Apparently the codes version is based on ASP.NET 1.1.

The Windows Server 2003 is installed with MS .Net Framework 2.0. This should be due to the windows Auto Update because the OS comes with .Net Framework 1.0 initially. Some of the codes failed to run properly and throwing up strange error. Cannot downgrade the .Net version.

I can't uninstall .Net Framework 2.0 from the server because there're a few application depending on it. One of the common application is MS SQL Server 2005. Therefore, both frameworks need to be co-exist. Unfortunately, there's no option to switch the ASP.NET version in the server IIS. I managed to have that feature in Windows XP when i installed version 1.1 follows by 2.0. I have tried reinstall 1.1 Framework but errors indicated the framework has already been installed in the system.

Force the OS to install Framework 1.1 by:
1. open cmd, go to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\
2. Type
aspnet_regiis.exe -i
-i - Reinstall corresponding framework version
3. In case you want to uninstall Framework 2.0,
type aspnet_regiis.exe -u
-u - Uninstall this version of ASP.NET. Existing script maps to this version are remapped to highest remaining version of ASP.NET installed on the machine.

After i reinstall .Net Framework 1.1, now i can switch the ASP.NET version by right click properties of the virtual directory, then press on ASP.NET tab, select version 1.1 instead of 2.0 from the
ASP.NET version dropdown. Finally enable the ASP.NET 1.0 web service and you are done.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Goal! It had been awhile

This experience was happened last weekend when i returned to my hometown. I would say this is a belated blog since i only managed to post it now.

For some of you may not know that i actually have a very strong interest in football either by watching or playing. When i was in secondary school, i would go to the football field near my house every evening, regardless to a sunny or rainy day. That 'was' me. Things started to change when i entered university. I only have limited time to play with my peer. Nevertheless, i always try to make myself to the field whenever i go back.

Last weekend, finally i got a chance to play with them again. I was the earliest one to reach the field since i have anticipated this moment for a long time . The only fear in my mind was they may not playing on the day. Luckily i wasn't being let down as a lot people turned out afterward.

In order to conserve our stamina, we only play on a quarter of the field size with both end having a small goal. For that, our shooting need to be accurate enough to enter those small goal. With 8 on a side and a small goal, it required nice skill and tactic to get a goal. Normally, we will not have a high-scoring match unless the defenders leave too much open 'holes'. Under our own rule, whoever that score the first goal will have their opponent shirt taken off. The reason being is to allow the team to identify their teammate easily. Sound INTERESTING right, gal.

After not playing for a while, it takes some time to discover back my form. Then there comes a great opening. All started when my friend passed the ball to me, with my pretty well controlled over the ball, i was able to dribble for some distance before unleashing a gounding shot toward the goal. Lady luck with me that day, the ball literally went passed everyone in the opposition. Their defensive wall appeared to has a hole and i took advantage of that. 1-0, our opponent have to take off their shirt. Haha, what a feel of scoring a goal. It indeed has been some time i didn't score such a decisive goal.

End of the match, the score remained as 1-0. I was the only goal scorer of the day. Feeling GREAT...