Saturday, May 27, 2006

Driving Range Debut

Wednesday Evening, nice day to play golf. As a newcomer to the game, the most common place to start with would be the driving range. We went to the Bukit Jalil driving range in a group of four.
100 balls for RM9, still affordable for me. Since i'm new to the game, my colleagues offered me the balls they bought

My initial plan was to jump straight to the bay and whack the ball. Look pretty simple to me at first but it was not apparently. My boss gave me my very first lesson of golfing, 'How to hold the club correctly?'. For some reason, i just couldn't made a smooth swing. Before i make my first drive, i had to practice my swing a number of times without the ball so that i won't throw my boss's club into the field. After a couple of minutes, I gained my confident and felt it's time to begin driving with 'ball'. It appeared to be a painful experience as my swing hit the floor, bad shot. Luckily my ball didn't go to the wrong direction.

Practice makes perfect. Though my shot is not perfect for every drive, at least i managed to make a few clean shot. Not too bad for a beginner to hit more than 50 meter right, consoling myself. My target for the next session would be 100 meter with the 100 balls i buy on my own. We will wait and see.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bukit Tinggi Half Day Trip

Bukit tinggi is located along the Karak Highway just after the Genting Highland exit. It was sunday. My gf and i departed from Serdang quite late in the morning. The good news was it's a 40 mins journey. I should have reached there earlier not because of my 7 yrs old car.

The Berjaya group is damn good in doing business. Before we can have a glimpse of the French buildings, we are required to pay RM16 per pax. The tickets covered the entrance for Colmar Tropicale (the main attraction), Japanese Tea Village, Botanical Garden and the Rabbit Part. The money seem to be worthy but follow on first. First, we visited the Colmar Tropicale, well known of its English or French (not sure) style of buildings. Impressive i would say, but we managed to walk through each corner of the street within half an hour. I think the overall distance should be less than 2km. After getting bored, we decided to go Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Village. It was nice that they offer shuttle bus service to the venue. Or else, my old car may has some difficulty climbing because the slope is quite steep. Well, botanical garden as stated in the catalog, has the strawberry, apple and pear cultivation. Not the day for us, we couldn't even find any of these fruits in the garden. It was more like a jungle trekking in the garden. Similar experience in the Japanese Tea Village, nice view but nothing much to do over there. We only spent roughly 1 hour in those two venues.

As a conclusion, Bukit Tinggi appeared to be a nice place to rest especially for those who want to escape from the city. Not very suitable for children and teenager because i doubt they can get bored very soon. If you plan to have a stay there, be prepared for burning a few holes in your wallet. Expensive accomodation and meal.