Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cycling in Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park

Sunny sunday, my gf and i planned to go cycling at Bukit Cahaya Park. As usual, i have difficulty to wake up early in sunday morning. Hence, we only managed to depart around noon with the hope of cycling under the shade and not the sun.

The agricultural park is located near to the Shah Alam city centre. We took the Federal Highway and turned out on the Shah Alam exit. It tooks us 45 mins to reach the park from Serdang. Since we agreed to meet up our friends at 3 o'clock, we still have 1 hour to spare. Therefore, we had our lunch in a McD restaurant along the way toward the park.

We just took half an hour to settle our lunch. The eagerness of getting on the bicycle make us shoot straight to the park without waiting. The entry ticket cost RM3 per pax. We found that there are actually 2 types of transport we can take which are the bicycle and the sightseeing bus. For bicycle, there's a cycling track that is not accesible for the bus. We decided to take the free bus ride while waiting for our friend. Iniatially, i thought of cycling the whole park. After the bus ride, i have to accept the fact that it may takes days to do that. The park compound is simply too big to cover in 3 hours, to be accurate.

When our friends reached, we quickly jumped onto the bicycle and started our expedition. The rental of each bicycle is RM3 per hour. That's why we need to pedal faster. Apparently, we couldn't go any faster because the track is slopingly. There are areas that you simply can't pedal through. I ended up pedalling while standing because i don't want to push my bicycle up. Only me alone became the sole 'Hero', the rest of the company gave up by pushing. Similiar to our life philosophy, 'Hard work bears fruit', you have to go through the hardship first before you can enjoy in return. The most enjoyable and thrilling moment was during we descending from the slope. Going up and down the slope, the best part of cycling, took us almost 2 hours.

I never cycle in such condition before, though quite exhausted, i really enjoyed the whole process of cycling and looking forward for another round. My only doubt is whether my gf and friends will be joining next time.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Table tennis after years...

Just couldn't recall back when was the last time i played table tennis? Digging back to my memory, i used to play with my younger sister and even represented for school. That was the old time story. Nowaday, 9 out of 10 people i ask whether they can play table tennis usually comes with a standard answer - 'NO'.

To my surprise, few of my colleagues know how to play this game. Further more, they can play pretty well. Finally i can have a hold on my old ping pong bat once again. Although the response was not very encouraging, 2 to 3 peoples, we still managed to organise this table tennis session after work.

All these while, i'm not required to pay a single penny for the table tennis session. The rental of the table really shocked me for a while, it's RM7 per hour. Well, have to accept that private venue always priced like this. Since we only have limited participants, 1 hour is good for a start.

1 hour passed pretty fast. We all enjoy the fun of this game very well. I anticipate for the next session but it may appears to be a bit difficult because most of us will be joining other project in different location. Let's just HOPE :)