Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finally, My Dream Phone

As a budget conscious guy like me, i seldom invest on gadget. However, having a smart phone has always been my top priority to replace my feature-less Nokia 3610.

With the price well below 1K and comes with wifi support, running on the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 OS, this particular phone is simply irressistable.

The objectives of getting this phone is to be as my laptop best companion. Opening my laptop while on the move is really a hassle. A smartphone features would surely meet most of my needs. Here is the list of the useful software that i have used.
  1. Clearvue suite - Open MS office doc, powerpoint, excel and pdf file. This suite helps me keep up to the work-related or vice versa document all the time. The downside is you will need to zoom in everytime and scrolling across the screen is abit slow.
  2. Repligo - Convert whatever PC document into a readable format in smartphone screen. One of the most sought after software because i have a lot ebook but have no time to open my laptop to read it.
  3. Agile Messenger - Similiar to PC version of Trillian, I able connect to all messenger services such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and etc. The only thing required is the internet connection either through Wifi, GPRS/Edge (Expensive) or USB cabel which acts as LAN cable.
  4. Lextionary - Have to admit my english proficiency is not yet top graded, sometimes still need to flip the dictionary for some mistery vocabulary. This smartphone dictionary helps me to find the word faster. At least now i don't need to flip the bulky Oxford Dictionary or search for this purpose.
  5. Windows Media Player (built-in) - Play music or movie: mp3, wma, wmv, 3gp & avi that spice up my life while waiting for those unreliable public transport.
  6. POP mail (built-in) - Allow me to read my gmail, hotmail and my outlook email anytime i want. The only shortcoming is my primary webmail - yahoo required subcription in order to have th POP function.

Looking back on how this smartphone changes my life in term of working or leisure, this was really a good buy. Value for the money i spent and features packed. There are a lot more useful software in the market that i haven't try it out. Maybe i can describe further in my next post.