Friday, April 25, 2008

Toyota service center

Car maintenance tend to be a painful experience once after few months. This especially true when your car is bearing popular badge, eg Toyota, Honda and Proton. Getting your car service ASAP is literally MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

In 3 months time after getting my new car, I have hit the mark twice and service is inevitable. Although labour is FOC for the first 2 service, contrary to Honda free 2 years service, i still have strong belief in Toyota Quality. Touch wood..

My first service took place in Toyota service center in Melaka. It is a 2S store (Service and Part). Well, the environment is superb with good reception upon arrival, free flow of drink, sandwich and a lot reading material. In order to expedite the service, I had taken 1 day off and did the booking earlier. My experience, not too bad after waiting there for 4 hours because i requested additional wheel alignment task to be done. Overall, i am satisfied with the service.

My second service don't actually worked out that well. The service center located in Balakong and it is a 3S store with show room. I think because of cramming everything in one roof, something has to be compromised, in this case, the small waiting lounge and below par service. When i reached there sharp at my appointment time. Damn it, nobody actually came out to welcome nor giving any instruction on where to park. I had to stop my car in the middle and went to the reception for query. What surprise me was you need to get number before you can talk to the service adviser. No good... I pissed off with the adviser because he just doesn't seem to be helpful. Apparently my car involved in an minor accident recently and need a small fix at the back bumper. What happened is he requested me to send in my car again another day because the fix will takes about 5 hours. Maybe my face look innocent but i am not stupid, this guy just trying to avoid trouble. The fix should at most takes 2 hours. As a result, I complained to his immediate superior and everything suddenly move on very fast. Instead of having to wait 7 hours or come another day, the whole service took only 4 hours.

Moral from the story, if you not satisfy, speak it out and loud :D

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